Accessibility testing tool

  • Verify accessibility of your content in real-time, including Single Page Applications.
  • Review results and determine the impact on the business.
  • Does not send content or data externally, so can be used for internal-only purposes.
  • Tests can be run asynchronously (without blocking the UI) or synchronously.
  • Provides code snippet to add to build pipeline (e.g. for automation tests) or developer console, or can run as a bookmarklet.
  • Easy locating issues on the page from the results using element detector or XPath
  • Color contrast recommendations
  • Provides checklist for things that can't be tested automatically.

Check all ASLint features or view the demo page.

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Oh! One more thing - ASLint itself is fully accessible as well.

ASLint tool main view

Checklist collection

  • Collection of cases that are difficult or impossible to test automatically
  • If available then the URL to external resources are provided.
ASLint tool checklist section

Don't know how to fix problems?

If you don't know how to fix the problems then you can always hire us to help you.

ASLint html code

Common misconception

The common misconception is that accessibility is dedicated only for disabled people. In fact, everyone gets benefits from accessible content, regardless of being disabled or not. Your audience will increase by having an accessible content, because they can read and use your content regardless of constrains.

What is accessible content?

Accessible content is content that everyone can use. This doesn't only refer to disabled people with disabilities (about 15% of the world's population) only. Users may not always perceive and use content in the same way as hypothesized during software design and development.

Accessible content is also more and more required from a legal perspective. Read Legal and Policy Factors in Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization.

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