High Contrast feature

Curious how the page can look with different high contrast mode? With svg and filters like feComponentTransfer it is possible to apply different filter variations to the page. Check out a new version v.0.0.858 of ASLint to see how it works.

The feature has been tested on Firefox 53.0.3 (64-bit) OSX, Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) OSX, Safari 10.1.1 (12603.2.4) OSX.

New rule blink-element and font-style-italic

Two new rules has been added:

  • blink-element – it searches for <blink> elements.
  • font-style-italic – it searches for elements that has defined font-style: italic; and text content is longer than 80 characters.

ASLint has been updated

A better way of initialisation has been implemented. Also, a public methods for registering/unregistering accessibility rules are available and will be documented very soon.

A new version has been released

A new version of ASLint has been released. Basically, now there are 5 categories: WCAG-A, WCAG-AA, WCAG-AAA, Section 508 and ASLint. The last one is the category where the issues can not match to any other category. Current all ASLint rules will be moved soon to appropriate categories.

New rule animation-css

The new rule animation-css has been added recently. It checks if on the page CSS animation is used with animation-duration more than 5 seconds and animation-iteration-count doesn’t contains infinite parameter.

New rule click-verb has been added

A new rule click-verb has been added. The reason is because “click” word is misused on link as “click” is not device independent.

Initial relase

Hello. This is an initial release of ASLint tool. Feedback is very welcome. Thank you.